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CNC Turning, Metal Stamping, Pipe Bending Services

Ningbo Dalilai Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional metal components producer from China, we have a variety of mechanical equipments to Custom produce various types of metal parts, such as CNC turned parts, CNC machining parts, Metal stamping parts & Deep drawing parts, straight tube and curved pipe fabricated components.
CNC Turning & Milling Services, Metal Stamping Services, Pipe Bending Services are our main jobs, Good service and the spirit of product excellence, so that we have won the trust and praise of customers around the world, welcome to consult and negotiate cooperation!


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Focus on the processing of metal machinery parts, a variety of machining methods to meet customers' needs


Custom CNC turned parts and miachined parts by CNC turning,Milling,Drilling,Boring,etc .Provide 4 Axis & 5 Axis CNC Machining services. Minimum tolerance can meet 0.01mm.


Specialize in custom medium and small size sheet metal stamping parts & deep drawn parts.and working sheet metal fabrications by laser cutting,numerical control bending,welding.


We provide pipe bending and fabricating services,for making curved pipe,straight tube,work with services of pipe necking & expending, oblique cutting,etc.


Stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum alloy,copper & brass, Raw materials from steel bars,sheet metals,extruded pipe & profiles,castings,cold & hot forges.Finished by electroplated,polished,powder coated,ect.

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What Services We What Services We What Services We What Services We

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