China Manufacturer Custom CNC Turned & Machined Parts,Metal Stampings & Deep Drawn Parts,Pipe Bending & Fabrications.

High Quality

Our metal parts machining In strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard, from raw material procurement to production to delivery, the product is tested by multiple procedures and can be packaged according to customer requirements.Material certificates,ROHS,measure inspect & plating reports are available.

Fast Response

You will get response in 24 hours after sent us a email,  and if you provided us enough informations about your project, you may get our offer in 48hours.Fast response & efficient service is our consistent pursuit.our factory is a working 7 days a week, just have rest for traditional holidays. this always got a lot of appreciates from our foreign customers.

Solution Ideas

As we have been in the metal components custom services for 15 years, have accumulated rich experience in material selection, product and mold design. If customers have doubts, we can provide comprehensive solutions based on product use, production convenience and cost considerations base on quality guaranteed.

Who We Are

Ningbo Dalilai Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  is ISO9001-2015 certificated Machinery Parts Manufacturer, specializes in custom metal parts by Metal die stamping, Deep Drawing, CNC turning & combined machinings, Pipe bending & fabrications,etc. Working in the mechanical processing industry for decades, accumulated rich experience. Our metal parts has exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Dalilai Mfg Located in Ningbo China, a seaside city with Ningbo Seaport, and our local is an industrial manufacturing city and an export-oriented city,gathered a large number of machining plants and transportation service companies, It allows us to provide more and faster services to develop new metal parts.

We are responsible for one-stop service from raw material purchase to metal components production to shipments, we produce metal parts for all industries.

Choosing us is to choose credibility and integrity, Looking forward to work with you base on friendly & mutual benefit !

View our factory and facilities:

Ningbo Dalilai Manufacturing  owns various CNC turning mchines, CNC milling centers, metal stamping machines, bending machines, Laser cutting machine, welding machines,automtaic turning machines, pipe bending & related machines, wire cutting machines, According to the size and quantity of the customer’s products, we can choose different machining technics to produce the metal components, thereby minimizing costs and maximizing production efficiency.

The diversity of our processing services not only reduces the procurement cost of customers, but also increases the convenience, saving customers the trouble of multiple procurement.

Hope you are interest in our Metal parts Custom Services, if you are looking for a new supplier to produce your parts, pls don’t hesitate to send us a email, we will reply you in 48 hours.

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