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hydraulic press for deep drawing

DLL MFG custom deep drawn parts.

Our company is a professional stamping parts, deep drawn parts manufacturing factory, specializing in the processing and manufacturing of various difficult stainless steel metal stamping parts and deep drawn parts.

The existing equipment of our factory: more than 30 sets of 16 tons – 300 tons of punching machines, 45 tons – 200 tons of hydraulic presses, welding machines, etc. Undertake ODM deep drawn products custom services.

We can produce small and medium deep drawn parts, have rich experience in deep drawing processing, and the quality of our parts is stable and reliable. We have customized many deep drawing parts for foreign customers. Hope you are interest in our deep drawing service.

Difference between Deep drawing and Metal Stamping

The processing of deep drawing parts is very similar to that of stamping parts. They are made of sheet metal into stamping parts of various shapes by using the stamping dies already made.

The difference is that the deep drawing parts are processed by flat sheets, which are made into open hollow parts or other hollow parts. The deformation process is that with the descending of the convex die, the outer diameter of the plate embryo on the surface of the concave die is continuously reduced, and the round blank is gradually drawn between the punch and the concave die to form a straight wall. The sheet metal at the bottom of the punch is stretched to the bottom of the stamping part.When all the sheet metal enters the gap between the punch and the die, the whole drawing process ends. At this time, the deep drawing parts are hollow.

The stamping parts of cylindrical, stepped and spherical rotating bodies can be produced by deep drawing technology.

deep drawing producing
Deep Drawn Stamping Parts

As to our deep drawing service

We are specialize in custom deep drawn parts more than 10 years, it’s made by hydraulic pressure machines or punch machine. material can be stainless steel 201, 304,316 and stainless iron, carbon steel, copper, Aluminum, etc. finish can be polished, kinds of electroplates, powder coating, painting, etc.

We are professional Deep Drawing service provider from China, we have full experiences on custom produce Deep drawn components for our oversea customers, If you want sheet deep drawing service from China, we are pleased to invite you send a inquiry to us.