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Pipe bending

China Pipe fabircation factory produce curved pipes

Dalilai Mfg Specializing in the production of various types of pipe fabricated products, materials include welded pipe and seamless pipe, Elliptical tube and rectangular tube, materials of stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, carbon steel pipe, brass & copper pipe.

We have a variety of pipe processing equipment, such as automatic pipe bending machine, semi-automatic pipe bending machine, double-head pipe bending machine, curved arc machine, diameter shrink machine,diameter enlarge machine, precision pipe cutting machine, welding machine, drilling Machine, etc.

We can produce pipe fittings in various shapes, such as straight pipe, C-shaped pipe products, L-shaped pipe products, U-shaped pipe products, S-shaped pipe products, and complex three-dimensional pipe products. And do finish of polishing, oxidation, painting, spray, electrophoresis and other surface treatment methods.

Applications of Pipe bending fittings

Our pipe bending products are mainly used for trolley armrests, chairs & seats, automobile and motorcycle exhaust pipes, sanitary fittings of Towel rack & Faucet, gas connecting fittings, water treatment fittings, fitness equipment, lighting, construction machinery,etc.

We can produce curved pipes with maximum diameter of 60mm, and smallest 4mm. the wall thickness of pipe can be 0.1mm to 5mm. our pipe bending engineer is a old person with 20 years of pipe bending experience, can solve various quality problems in production, such as wrinkles and cracks.

Pipe double bending
circular arc tube rolling

Some characteristics of the bent pipe:

Because the pipe bending is a cold processing method, it has special requirements on the raw materials of the pipe. For example, the pipe should be soft and the elongation should be good to bend and not crack. Therefore, the raw materials of the pipe generally need special customization, because the pipes on the market often cannot be bent or curved, easy to be broken.

We have good relationship pipe suppliers, especially custom aluminum tubes, which are less MOQ and thus reduce the cost of sample development.

Hope you are interest in our pipe bending service, if you have any pipe fittings need to be curved and machined, pls feel free contact with us !