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progressive die stamping

DLL MFG custom small stamping parts by progressive die stamping

We can produce small and medium stampig parts & deep drawn parts by progressive die stamping service, it’s mainly produce the metal parts with high volume. because it’s Multi-station stamping, all the steps of punching, bending, stretching, etc. are integrated in a pair of molds, along with the feeder step by step feeding the strip, each steps has be done continuously, the production efficiency is very high, usually can produce tens of thousands of products a day.

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Characteristics of progressive die stamping

1) Stamping production efficiency is high. The progressive die can complete the process of blanking, flanging, bending, drawing, stereo forming and assembly of complex parts, reduce the work of intermediate transporting and repetitive positioning, and the increase of work number does not affect the production efficiency, so it can punch very small precision parts.

2) The operation is safe and simple. When progressive die is stamped, the operator does not need to put his hand into the dangerous area of the die. For mass production, automatic feeding mechanism is also adopted, and safety detection device is installed in the die.

progressive die stamping
progressive die stamping

3) Long service life of die. Complex inner and outer shapes can be decomposed into simple punch and concave shapes, piecewise punching, the process can be dispersed in several workstations, and vacancies can be set in the area of process concentration, thus avoiding the problem of too small wall thickness of punch and concave dies, changing the stress state of punch and concave dies, and improving the strength of dies. In addition, the progressive die also uses the discharging plate as the guide plate of the punch, which is very helpful to improve the life of the die.

4) High quality of products. The progressive die completes the whole forming process of the product in a single die, which overcomes the operation invariability and accumulated error caused by multiple positioning with a simple die.