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Dalilai provide sheet metal fabrication service

Our partner company has latest Hongshan HSG6000W laser cutting machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, low loss, high precision and high speed. It is applied to the cutting of various metal materials such as copper plate, aluminum plate and stainless steel plate. It is also equipped with a full set of high-tech sheet metal equipment such as precision CNC bending, drilling and milling, welding and polishing, laser marking. which has completely changed the production mode of the traditional sheet metal industry and catered to the development requirements of high difficulty, high speed and high precision in the mechanical cutting industry. Products are widely used in elevators, chassis (cabinet), machinery, auto parts manufacturing and other fields.

Difference between Sheet metal fabrication and Metal stamping

Sheet metal parts include stamped parts, not all sheet metal is stamped parts.

Sheet metal fabricating is a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets (usually below 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/compositing, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as car body). Its remarkable feature is the same thickness of the same part. It is usually used to manufacture metal sheets of relatively large size, and can produce sheet metal parts with small quantity base on low cost.

Metal stamping is mostly used to manufacture small and medium-sized products, mainly reason is the mold & stamping machine required for big size stamping parts are very very expensive.

sheet metal bending service
sheet metal fabricated parts

Custom sheet metal fabricated parts for worldwide customers

We are happy to custom sheet metal fabricated parts for worldwide customers, can laser cutting maximum thickness 30mm carbon steel & aluminum, 10mm stainless steels. the material can be cold rolled steel / hot rolled steel / stainless steel / galvanized steel / iron and other hardware materials, we can do finishes of Spraying, baking, galvanizing, mirroring or grinding, etc.

We can custom Mechanical equipment casing, various distribution boxes, power distribution cabinets, network chassis cabinets, power electrical cabinet shell hardware display stand, outdoor canopy, medical box, game machine hardware casing, water dispenser casing, vending machine casing, coffee machine casing , automatic water vending machine casing, solar generator casing, console casing, stainless steel rectangular trash can, various sheet bending parts.